Let’s protect our health in the event of a nuclear accident


The European Union is about to adopt a regulation laying down maximum permitted levels of radioactive contamination in food in case of nuclear accident. These levels, proposed by the European Commission, are the same as those established in 1987 under pressure from the nuclear lobby (especially French lobby). They involve totally unacceptable health risks: on the scale of countries such as France or Germany, this legally permitted contamination could lead to tens of thousands of cancer (and more if the worst happens)… not to mention other diseases and transmission genetic defects. Consumers will not be able to protect themselves because they won’t be able to distinguish radioactive foods from uncontaminated food.


For more information on maximum permitted levels of radioactive contamination in food in case of nuclear accident : Read the CRIIRAD’s synthesis that presents the serious anomalies identified in the experts' report

See the complete file: http://www.criirad.org/aliments-nma-accidentnucleaire/sommaire.html

I demand a complete, transparent and democratic revision of the regulation, including a drastic reduction of the authorized levels of contamination in the event of a nuclear accident

Should a major nuclear accident occurs, I request the immediate ban on agricultural productions stemming from contaminated areas. This measure can be softened only after obtaining of reliable information on the extent, nature and intensity of the radioactive fallout.

The distribution of uncontaminated food should be preferred and must be guaranteed in any case to infants, young children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

In order to protect the entire population, the maximum permitted levels of radioactive contamination should be defined according to risk groups and most vulnerable individuals. The regulation should clearly mention the levels of risk and of dose that authorities deem acceptable, the assumptions made by the experts and the procedures for compulsory verification in real situations.

I request that the radiation protection standards are no longer defined as part of the Euratom Treaty whose mission is the development of the nuclear industry, but as part of the Treaty of the European Union: the protection of public health should not be subordinated to the interests of the nuclear lobby.


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